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Automate your internal support in Slack.

Question Base uses AI to answers to your team's questions right inside Slack. New answers are constantly captured as your team chats.

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200+ companies automated their internal support

Zero-effort documentation

Answers in 3s.
Reduces dependencies
People get answers within 3 sec. Ideal for hybrid work.
Grows organically
Question Base automatically captures answers to new questions.
Surfaces knowledge
It diggs out valuable insights from existing conversations in Slack.
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We have been using it for the past 1.5 years now and we couldn’t be happier…
Joshua Miller
Product Manager, Corpay One
It’s amazing.
We love it!
Brian Swichkow
Co-founder, Citizen of One
Before Question Base, we’ve been seeing repetitive questions all around our Slack channels.
Aleksandar Ginovski
Product Manager, Enhancv

Who is this for?

Support your hyper growth
Scale expert know-how
Reduce workload on internal support
Increase productivity
Bridge CX with product
Save time answering the same questions
Share knowledge between teams
Keep documentation up-to-date with less effort
Speed up time to resolution
Increase automation of internal-support
Reduce the risk of human error
Improve team efficiency
Speed up onboarding
New hires can find answers themselves
Works inside Slack
Easy implementation
Give reps instant answers
Fast accurate answers
Bring new reps up to speed quicker
Share valuable insights
Give customer faster support
Reduce workload
Resolve issues quicker
Share good practices

Supercharge your team.

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