Pay per editor.
Deliver answers to all.


$50 per editor/month

1 editor
Book demo
All benefits of Pro:
AI-generated content from DM chat history
Verify & control content
Autoresponder in DMs
Unlimited answers to employees
Weekly auto-capture from DMs


$80 per editor/month

3 editors minimum
Book demo
Everything in Pro, plus:
AI-generated content from #channel chat history
Autoresponder in #channels
Weekly auto-capture from #channels



10+ editors
Book demo
Everything in Team, plus:
Enterprise SSO & auditlogs
User management
Multifactor authentication

The difference between an editor and a normal user

e.g. Product Managers, Head of Sales/Customer Support, C-level, Founders
  • Can add and verify content
  • Have an autoresponder answering from their behalf in their DMs and #channels
Normal user
Every employee
  • Can receive instant answers in Slack
  • Can search and browse the company Question Base without editing the content
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