Use case: Sales

Equip salespeople with the answers they need to close.

Give sales instant answers to their product, industry and operational questions the second they ask in Slack. Automatically.

Accelerate ramp up time

Boost conversion rate

Spot knowledge gaps

Sales need answers.
Not articles.

Faster than reading the wiki

Answers feel more reliable

Not everything is in the wiki

The reason why Sales don’t read the wiki and ask in Slack instead.

(and will keep asking)

“Salespeople ask because they have too little time.”

Liv Tornquist
Senior Product Manager @Zendesk


Salespeople operate in a fast-paced environment where quick and accurate information makes or breaks the deal.


Getting the answer from a colleague with experience and seniority makes the information “Verified”. A direct answer feels more reliable and up-to-date when coming from a team expert.

Missing knowledge

It’s physically impossible to document everything. Information is changing fast. The information sales need is simply not to be found in the wiki.

Slack has become a nightmare

Creates bottlenecks
Answering feels like a full time job
Repetitive questions
Sales ask the same thing over and over
Answering feels like a full time job
Cross time zone teams cause bottlenecks

Answer Sales.
Automatically in Slack.

Autoresponds in DMs and #channels

Control the content

Learns from chat history

Generated by AI.
Verified by human.

The AI does the heavy lifting by extracting questions and answers from your chat history. You personally review and control the information that goes in.

Learns from chat history

New knowledge is capture on a weekly basis from your DMs and #channels and added to your Inbox for review.

Works in DMs and #channels

It automatically detects when a new question is received in your DMs or a #channel and responds with the answers within 3s.

Boost sales productivity

Automated questions1
Response time1
a week saved waiting for answers2
1. Based on product analytics.
2. Based on customer discovery interviews we have conducted with 100+ participants.

Ideal for

Sales Managers
Spend more time coaching your team.
Product Managers
Enable salespeople with the latest on product.
Grow your startup without being a bottleneck.

Equip salespeople with the answers they need to close.

Pricing starts at
$100 / month
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Accelerate ramp up time
Boost conversion rate
Spot knowledge gaps
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