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How to create an autoresponder for Slack DMs (direct messages)?

With spring being just around the corner for most of us, we would rather be squinting our eyes to the sun while strolling the streets than responding to questions in Slack. And why shouldn't you? After all, haven't the robots advanced enough to take over some of the tedious work off your heavy shoulders?

The short answer is yes, and it's called a Slack Autoresponder – your new ally in the quest for a more, dare I say, optimal workday. So let's talk about how you can ditch the busy work and focus on what really matters in your workday (+ making time for more walks in the sun).

So, what exactly is a Slack autoresponder?

It's essentially an AI-powered bot that automatically responds to common questions that keep popping up in your Slack DMs. Think of it as a virtual assistant that's always on the lookout for new questions and ready to lend a helping hand, without ever needing a coffee break!

Now, you might be wondering why you should care about a Slack autoresponder. Well, here are at least 4 reasons:

  1. It's a major time-saver: You can say goodbye to typing out the same answers over and over again, like when new sales reps ask yet again how XYZ works! Your autoresponder takes care of that for you, giving you more time to tackle the important stuff.
  2. It keeps you focused: It's frustrating to be interrupted when you're in the middle of something. The autoresponder is the first line of defense against distracting messages and helps you stay in the zone.
  3. It keeps your team moving: Yes, your colleagues can solve the problem themselves. No more waiting around for answers! Your autoresponder provides instant responses to common questions, so your team can keep things rolling without missing a beat, especially when they are in a different time zone than you.
  4. It boosts your productivity: When repetitive tasks do not bog you down, you can channel that energy into deep work and big-picture thinking. It's like unlocking a secret superpower! What's something that you feel you never get the time to do, but keeps coming up?

(Question Base autoresponder for Slack in action)

3 situations when a Slack autoresponder is a lifesaver

Here are my favorite ones:

  1. When you're out of the office: Whether you're in a meeting, on vacation, or just need some "me time," your autoresponder steps in to make sure no question goes unanswered.
  2. When you need to focus: As one busy executive puts it, "I use my Slack autoresponder to carve out time for deep work, knowing that my team's questions will still be addressed promptly." It's like having a gatekeeper for your precious focus time.
  3. When you want to cut down on distractions: Let's face it, those constant notifications can be a real buzzkill. An autoresponder helps you tame the chaos and stay in your workflow groove.

So, what are your options for setting up a Slack autoresponder? While Slack has a built-in autoresponder, it's a bit limited in what it can do. That's where Question Base comes in – it's a powerful autoresponder designed specifically to answer those repetitive questions in Slack.

Here's how Question Base works:

  1. It uses AI to turn your chat history from your DMs and channels into relevant questions and answers. It works with documents too, by the way.
  2. The best part? You are in control of the answers. Question Base lets you review and tweak the generated content until it's just right. No sensitive information gets passed by accident.
  3. Once you give the green light, your autoresponder is ready to go! It'll work around the clock, providing speedy and accurate responses to your team's questions in the channels you add it to and in your DMs.

Now, you might be wondering if Question Base is right for you. If you're a busy project manager, founder, or operations whiz who's always juggling a million things, then the answer is most likely a resounding "yes!"

So, how do you get started with Question Base? It's easy! Just book a call with the team and we'll help you customize the perfect autoresponder for your needs.

In essence, a Slack autoresponder powered by Question Base is like having an extra person answering questions in Slack. By letting AI handle the repetitive stuff, you can ditch the busy work, focus on what really matters, and take a few more walks outside.