Instant, Trustworthy Answers for Every Question at Work.

Question Base helps customer-facing teams close more deals and support tickets by accessing instant verified answers to their questions in Slack. Powered by AI.

✓  Instant answers to agents in Slack

✓  Human verified information

✓  Reduced dependencies

200+ companies automated their internal support

Ideal for customer facing teams

✓  Support

✓  Customer Success

✓  Sales


Close tickets faster

Give your support agents instant answers to their questions without depending on your team lead’s time.

Customer Success

Standardize your onboarding

Raise the standards of your customer onboarding and upselling by turning best practices into company wide practice.


Close more deals

Give your sales people all the technical/ product knowledge they need to close deals without depending on your technical talent.

Ready in 5 min

Add to slack

Add Question Base to your company Slack.

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Select channels

Add the #channels you want Question Base to be answering questions in.

Add documents

Drop your Employee Handbook, Sales Playbook or any other documentation. Question Base will turn it into a list of question and answers for you to verify.

Learns by itself. Answers instead of you.

Question Base is a single source of answers for your customer facing teams. It uses AI to generate and organize a base of questions and answers. Accuracy of answers are verified by you to ensure reliability. When an agent posts a question in Slack, Question Base automatically detects it and answers within seconds so you don’t have to.

Is Question Base a Wiki?

Short answer — No. Unlike the wiki Question Base is made out of short atomic questions and answers. It doesn’t depend on granualar tree folder organization, but instead uses AI to self-organize and recognize when a question has been asked. It’s like giving each team member a personal assistant that documents know-how and answers to their questions.

People ask for a good reason.

People want instant short answers that are up-to-date and are verified by an expert colleague.

✓  Quick to read

✓  Up-to-date

✓  Tailored to their level


People only have to ask once and get the exact information they need. Searching and reading through the wiki takes 10x more time. To make matters worse, wikis only contain a fraction of the knowledge people need. Adding to the frustration and loss of productivity. Question Base gives an answer instantly.


Getting the answer from a colleague with experience and seniority makes the information “Verified”. People wait hours for their colleagues to free up from their busy schedule only to answer their question. Waiting for that confirmation creates bottlenecks and blocks people from progress. Question Base helps you verify an answer once and uses AI to surface it to the people that need it.


Asking questions is the way we learn. We have done this from toddlers and it’s only natural to do it in our professional life. A question tailors the information to the level of understanding of the person who's asking. So far employees has been forced to learn through long form wiki articles and dispersed documentation. Question Base let’s people explore company topics in short and concise questions and answers at their own pace.

Capture the 80%

Most knowledge never makes it to the wiki. It’s estimated that a Wiki merely has 20% of the actual company know-how. The rest is in people’s heads.

Either because people don’t know where to put it or it takes too much effort to do it. Question Base uses AI to auto-capture the knowledge people want from chats and conversations and organizes it for future use.

Improve the Operational Efficiency of your customer agents

✓  Instant answers to agents in Slack

✓  Human verified information

✓  Reduced dependencies

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We have been using it for the past 1.5 years now and we couldn’t be happier…

Joshua Miller

Product Manager, Corpay One

Since we started using QB we haven’t used our Google support docs… If I go on vacation or sick leave, I feel comfortable that QB will take over

Linn Stokke

Customer Success Manager, Ticketbutler

Before Question Base, we’ve been seeing repetitive questions all around our Slack channels.

Aleksandar Ginovski

Product Manager, Enhancv

You might be asking…

How does Question Base work?

Question Base uses GPT-4 data model by OpenAI. It identifies when a question has been asked in Slack and responds with a human verified answer. It generates new answers from your Slack history and the documents you upload to it.

How accurate are the answers?

The accuracy of the generated answers is based on the quality of the information you feed into it. You can always edit and improve upon the generated answers.

How much does it cost to use Question Base?

You are free to try Question Base for 30 days. No credit card required. Afterwards the cost is determined based on your team size in Slack. See the pricing page for more details.

Can we use Question Base for any type of questions?

Yes. You can use it for anything from development to sales and operations.

How easy is to adopt Question Base?

Getting started requires little to no onboarding. Once you have added Question Base to your Slack, add the bot to the #channels you want to answer in. That's it. Your team doesn't need to change their habits or install anything. Just ask questions as they normally would.

What happens if Question Base can’t answer to a question?

Question Base only responds to questions that it has high certainty it can answer. If there's no good existing answer in Question Base it will simply remain silent.

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